Leaflet & Flyer Distribution

Leaflet Bomb offer the following delivery options. All delivery options operate on a 'Pay-as-you-go' basis:

Targeted - 29 per 1000 items
The targeted option is great for businesses that want to target specific areas with their marketing campaign. The leaflet or flyer will be "Tactically Stacked' on a shared route with other companies marketing material, but will be delivered with no more than three other non conflicting and often supportive leaflets. Available at only 29 per 1000 items.

- 39 per 1000 items
Do you want your advertising material delivered to your potential customers in a short time scale? If so, this is the option for you! Have your material delivered over a two week period from the date that we receive the leaflets.

Solus - 79 per 1000 items
This option is available for companies that wish to have their marketing material delivered on its own. This will ensure maximum impact and focus directly on your marketing material. Available at a fantastic price of only 79 per thousand items delivered.


If you would like to plan a distribution campaign, please head over to the Contact Us page. Alternatively, please call 01908 410850 or email us.


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